Another hiatus!


I’m sticking this blog back on hiatus for a bit — there’s a shit tonne of stuff that needs updating and even created, but I’m distracted by returning back to college and a couple of projects/personal interests that I’m working on with the rest of my spare time

I’m going to work on sorting out things like the masterlist/faq and a few page ideas I’ve been meaning to put into action for a while, but I won’t be making new content or answering many asks

I have considered adding more mods in, but I won’t really be keeping an eye on things to check what they’re doing — plus they would have to have admin rights which I am not in a hurry to distribute out again….

I’ll eventually sort everything out, but I was never prepared for how popular this blog would get, and thus the demand that’s expected from it, in a way it’s sort of intimidating now… However I’ll adjust again and have everything updated in time!!