i am a little confused. if gamzee isnt god tier, how did he survive caliborns shots?

we don’t know for sure.

there’s theories about the snakes, but the mods are half/half about whether this could stand up as the actual reason.

my own suggestion is the joker immunity trope.

I'm sure you aren't a fan of questions like this, but I am trying to find a post of those "questioning quadrant" shipping pixels with the question marks all over the place; I'm sure I've seen them on this blog, but I can't find them in the resource tag nor on the masterlist. Could you please find them? Thank you so much, I realize how tedious things like this are :,)

no sorry, i actually haven’t see those before :o

but maybe a follower might have! 

Wait I thought kismesis were supposed to insult and harm each other???
What do you think of the Lil Cal backpack? Personally, I'm pretty sure it would make a lot of younger kids uncomfortable if worn in public.

shipping to the uk from stores costs so much so i usually ask my girlfriend if i can ship it to her house and then i’ll pick it up when i come to america, or get her to ship it instead

when i asked about the lil cal backpack she just screamed no at me and wouldn’t budge on the matter

our mutual friend then said i could send it to their house so i said ok, they then said they agreed so they could piss on it and set it on fire

so yeah, i think the general consensus is that everyone hates it


how do you pronounce Consort??? I always pronounce it like concert and when reading in homestuck context I get confused cus they sound the same help me. Aslo bless youre hearts for doing this whole thingcus Homestuck is complicated and Hussie is pretty much who you is in that one Avril Lavigne song.

i can’t believe this youtube is actually coming in handy


you want consort as a noun, so the second pronunciation as con-sort! :)

Do the Trolls' land have consorts too, or do only the kids' lands have consorts?

the consorts were implied to be part of their lands, seeing as terezi had nakodile statues in her land and tavros had iguana statues

i think in alterniabound it was also possible for terezi to find a nakodile and for vriska to get a salamander

oops. i got it wrong. it's tumblr user xamag-homestuck queerprix is probably looking for!

oh i thought they were looking for who did the edit, but yeah thats the original artist!

"equius and aradia seem to be dubious as well, seeing as aradia's lack of consent over everything he did with her body" I'm pretty sure not only did aradia agree to, and WANT equius to make a robot for her, but when equius installed that chip that was supposed to make her love him aradia /tore it out of her chest, smashed it to bits, and THEN kissed equius on the mouth/. If thats not consent I dont know what is.

i’m not sure i can count a girl screaming ‘what did you do’ and ‘get it out’ over and over  to a guy programming her body to have romantic feelings for him as consent to an informed decision with a relationship

especially as she continued shouting in distress for another panel before slapping him in the face while still in a complete lack of control like we’ve never seen in aradia/aradiabot before

what part of that was bettering aradia and equius and pushing them to thrive? it was just an emotional mess.

If a god tier player were to become corrupt and do some bad things (kill another player, mess up the frog breeding, etc.) and they were killed. Would they die a just death, or is that only when the death prevents something really bad happening?

would probably be a just death, it’s pretty subjective

Which way does Terezi's hair flip go? Left or right?

left according to her sprite