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Phonestuck: Mobile Homestuck is an offline mobile reader of the popular webcomic, Homestuck by the great Andrew Hussie. This app allows users to read homestuck on the fly: at work, at home, at school, on the john, and many more places!

No Internet Connection Required!

Found on Google Play Store!

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What would be awesome is a color reference chart matching each hex code color to the closest Copic marker/Prismacolor pencil match, for those who do a lot of traditional art

The hex codes for Copic markers are nowhere near the hex codes for the trolls, making it difficult to judge, especially for someone with no experience with them.

However the Prismacolors are very easy to match up! I wouldn’t take these as a definitive because I have no idea what they look like on paper, but if we’re just matching by hex code, then this is as close as I can get them.

Problem Sleuth, Midnight Crew and Felt Icons


fuck making them float omfg