hi there guys, i’m aussie. so now that ive gained a shit load of attention i never expected to receive, i figured i should probably assure you that no, it is not a virus. no, it is not actually SBURB (we have been through this before fandom). 

let me tell you a few things.

  • the password to the file has been changed several times. i switch the download out every hour or so, changing the password each time.
  • these files are modified from other games, they are not mine. 
  • were you to open the .exe file, nothing would happen. it is a blank file. there is absolutely nothing in it.
  • there is no virus. i’m a bored student in my room. i don’t even know how to create a virus.
  • sburb is not real.
  • i am not andrew hussie. i’m aussie. 
  • you can find my personal here 

this has all been very fun, i assure you!!! but it’s getting late and i receive about 200 asks every time i refresh, which is a bit ridiculous. thank you guys for all of this. i had no idea this would get so huge. i understand the backlash this will receive, which is why i decided to come clean about all of this. i’ve been replying to some of you personally since this whole thing started, so i know more than a handful of you know. 

i did actually have some partners in crime, before you ask! the pesterchum account was run by a close friend.

the only thing i suggest is, should sburb ever truly be released, well— let somebody else try first. 

All right, so we’re done here.