It doesn't look like the "blank medium template" works. I can't find a download link, but that mightt be because the tumblr it was on was deactivated?

you have to actually click on the heading in grey, that’s the actual link to the download and it should start automatically!

hi do you have a specific favorite color palette

all of these

although i’m not sure what context you’re asking, as in general or homestuck? because the homestuck answer is going to be the panel palete with the most green

to t3chnocrayon: was it of that joke fantroll? If so, then I have it if you want it.
I found a picture a long time ago of all of the troll symbols combined into one. It was designed very well and I wanted to use it for possibly a tattoo. Can you please help me find this? I've searched everywhere!

was it specifically a homestuck image or was it a zodiac image in general? that’s… going to be very hard to find ;a;

Something few people think of but might come in very handy: a list of insults for each blood caste, from both higher and lower positions. I can contribute some, if that's a good thing to have?

i’m sort of confused about this because are you talking about canon insults or fan-made??

How do you make the cursors work for your computer? v n v

have you gone into the settings for your computer and changed it from there? 

hey, i'd be willing to write a dirk guide if you wouldn't mind waiting awhile!

that would be great, waiting is fine on our end!

Recently I've been trying Dirk and would love to see a guide posted. Is this possible?

That depends on whether someone is willing to write one!

how about guides for RPing in general? like, canon characters, fantrolls, etc. etc.

If we’re just talking about general here, I can’t help but try and boost how many people know about — it’s a fantastic rp blog, and while I’m not sure if it’s majority audience is Homestuck, almost everything it posts can be applied to Homestuck.

So at the moment I’m trying to sort of avoid posting any more fantroll guides because of rpedia and the resources we already have reblogged on here — but character guides are still welcomed. I have to stress that myself and Nick don’t actually write these, so they depend on submission from other people!!

I could work on an RP guide for Equius, if you guys wanted - though idk if anyone would find it useful, since the Equius' I've seen so far haven't been that bad. :x

I think Equius is a hard character to get right if you don’t fully understand him, so a guide on him would be lovely and much appreciated!