What exactly do "passive" god tier classes do? From what I've heard they 'are manipulated by' their aspect, but what does that mean? It sounds like they are kind of useless/don't do anything...

whaat? oh man, passive characters are really useful!! i mean look at rose: she’s a passive class and her guidance has saved the beta kids on so many occasions.

UU: the +/- distinction can mean many things, bUt coUld be qUite roUghly sUmmed Up in this way: active classes exploit their aspect to benefit themselves, while passive classes allow their aspect to benefit others.

UU: bUt of coUrse there’s plenty more to it, and that rUle is in no way absolUte. only a starting point for Understanding the dichotomy. 

for example, rogue and thief! we see vriska steals for herself on many occasions—although her actions could potentially help the group, almost every she does is in self interest. on the other hand, roxy was stealing pumpkins and sharing them out with her neighbours?? her black out should also be there to cover her group as a whole to protect them

there’s also the passive bard and active prince—the bard allows something to be destroyed or insights destruction through their aspect—while a prince will directly destroy with their aspect or destroy the aspect itself. the active prince of hope (eridan) was essentially useless to the group because he destroyed hope.

like calliope said, there’s differences within—but a passive class is no way useless!!!

  1. fuschiafins said: Plus Meenah stole the lives of her friends in order to ultimately preserve them for herself or something along those lines
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