Is Terezi a crappy investigator? From what I know, she's cunning and smart, but I've been doubtful ever since the Gamzee murder spree incident, when she went "It must be Vriska!" for some reason. I'm kinda confused. Thanks :)

she said it must be vriska, because that was the only logical conclusion for her to have come to. at that point in time, she didn’t know gamzee and eridan had both gone off on murderous rampages. the only killer on the team she was aware of was vriska, and it made sense that she would kill tavros, considering their history. besides — she was right, wasn’t she? tavros WAS killed by vriska.

in short, terezi is by no means a bad investigator! she’s very good, but the fact that she immediately jumped to vriska may have shown a bit of her immaturity at the time. it could have gotten her into trouble, but it doesn’t mean she’s BAD.

  1. eva-001-moved said: she wanted it to be vriska, and gamzee (poorly) left some clues that makes it seemed like vriska did it to frame her
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