Which do you mods prefer, The felt? Or the midnight crew? :P

I love me some spades slick but overall the felt is a more solid group and has sn0wman, sooooooo we’re going with team leprechaun

May I ask whether the mods have a preference for either Prospit or Derse?

we seem to lean towards prospit, which is good because prospit is superior and everyone with a brain knows that

are gamzee's chucklevoodoos not considered psychic powers

the wiki refers to them as such and I certainly don’t disagree!

Is John canonically asexual? (sorry used wrong bow last time)

no characters are canonically anything with the exceptions of the troll, who don’t understand sexuality or the point. they view it as a weird fetish. rose is canonically not straight because she’s dating a girl, but that’s all we have as far as canon sexualities go.

Can you explain the whole story of the sufferer / signless?

[2:05:06 AM] chloe-oey: find bible
[2:05:08 AM] chloe-oey: ctrl f jesus
[2:05:17 AM] chloe-oey: replace with signless

Hello! Ok, I vaguely recall that a troll losing it's lusus was grounds for being culled. I think it was brought up with Aradia. Did that actually happen, or did I just imagine that? Thanks for any response :)

vriska mentions it!

AG: It was kind of an intense sym8iotic thing, a particularly demanding lusus-troll relationship, and only really strong kids are supposed to 8e a8le to handle it. 
AG: So of course I was terrified of the responsi8ility looming! 
AG: I really didn’t think I would make it. I was sure I’d fail, and my lusus would either get angry and eat me, or she’d just die and then I’d 8e culled. 

Are you able to access your sylladex in the dream world (prospit/derse) or is it only a thing during you session if you're awake? What if you're dead? Thanks so much! :)

we can see a doomed aradiabot in a dream bubble able to access the captchalogued items in dad egbert’s wallet modus! you seem to be able to access your sylladex as your dream self, too, evidenced by multiple pages probably but the first one that comes to mind is dream dave and rose taking the captchalogued tumor from liv tyler…

Hi, i wanted to ask. Can sessions have a odd number of people in it?

haha sure! why not :0

I used to care a lot more about that stuff but it turns out having fun is way more important than adhering to obscure half-rules that really don’t matter as much in the end

What is the black stuff that John is covered in near the beginning of Homestuck? I never got what that was.

it’s oil! shale imps seem to just kind of excrete it through their skin/exoskeletons/whatever

Jade and Karkat have their password thing right? Did it ever show what their passwords were?

here’s a list of all the passwords jade has used in comic:

with kanaya

with karkat

it’s implied that there are a lot more passwords used that we don’t see, though!