not sure if you already have him but i made a sufferer sprite

not sure if you already have him but i made a sufferer sprite

Newspaper Boy Outfit
Anyone may use with credit!

Newspaper Boy Outfit


Anyone may use with credit!

I figured Homestucks everywhere who love to do arts and stuff might find this set of extreme use….:)

You can see the original Tumblr posting to my blog here:

Basically the set includes a number of files. For Photoshop, you have .ace and .aco files of the palettes, the .ace broken into both smaller sub palettes and also one master palette with all the colors. The .aco file if the full palette with all colors. 

For GIMP users, if you have the recent version, you can if I recall import the PS .aco/.ace file directly with some poking, but I have also included the GIMP .gpl converted palette as well.

For our SAI fans there is a custom Swatch Palette file which one can open into SAI and then either use as a open file (which includes notes on the colors) or sit and manually add them to there palette in SAI….

I always thought that the pre-scratch trolls were based on the fanon interpretation of the post-scratch trolls by the fandom too. Like how they see Nepeta as a weaboo, Kanaya as being a "mother" to Karkat and Eridan as someone who hits on everyone.

nope. meulin isn’t a weeaboo and if that was true, explain damara. literally no one misinterpreted aradia that badly. it’s impossible.

Do all purple bloods have chucklevoodoo powers?

I don’t think so but all people with chucklevoodoo powers are purple bloods. it’s a squares/rectangles thing

I'm a little confused on godtiering; if a players main body is still alive but their dreamself dies could their dreamself godtier on their moon or would their main body have to die first?

uuuhhhhhhh I’m gonna say yes, sure

Could you maybe tell me what all of the pre-scratch trolls represent? Like I know Kankri is tumblr and I'm not positive on the rest. It would be much appreciated! Thanks.

based on hussie’s descriptions from part 3 of openbound:

damara is described as “fake troll japanese” but I’m not sure if she’s based on anyone specific

rufioh is dante basco

mituna is 4chan, hussie calls him “megaman sollux”

kankri is described as a “terrible social justice blogger”

meulin is apparently “the deaf Nepeta in this kickass smorgasbord of disabled characters” and is a stoner who signs memes. also: some kind of weeaboo thing maybe

latula is “the gamegrl to Mituna’s gamebro” which is pretty much all there is to say on the matter

porrim is “better at social justice than Kankri because she isn’t a boring asshole” and “a vampire with cool tattoos”

aranea is “a blabbermouth,” that’s basically all hussie says

horrus is “just Equius on horse steroids”

kurloz is “pretty much literally a mime. Also a juggalo.”

cronus is “the worst character in Homestuck by a nautical mile” and is kind of a weird greaser asshole

meenah is “a cool sassy punk who has more important stuff to do than Feferi ever did” (rude)

Hello! My question is a matter of the mods opinion. Do you think it's possible that the carapacians had their own Sburb session at some point? (If they did, can you imagine their confusion?)

it’s doubtful seeing as they’re game constructs. I’m sure there’s at least one fanventure out there like that though :0

Anything for a Serf of Time?

you will probably spend your whole life farming for the benefit of the time nobles who own your land. curse this feudalist system

in respect and please answer this one, was nepeta EVER useful to the plot?

fuck the concept of “usefulness” being used to determine the value of a character. she was aradia’s server player, kept equius levelheaded and not just a destructive jerk, and also: fefetasprite. but this is a bad question and I am disappointed