rlly bad template of the upd8, but here you go :D

oh hey, congrats on the first ever post-gigapause rip!

rlly bad template of the upd8, but here you go :D

oh hey, congrats on the first ever post-gigapause rip!

it looks like they managed to get things resolved!

it looks like they managed to get things resolved!

I don’t know who would want this, but it seems to work relatively well so you never know

this is awesome!


The end of the Gigapause is here.  Feel free to embed this somewhere if you like it.  Reblog if you survived <3

Tag: Troll biology/anatomy/fashion terms. Rumblesack = troll sports bra. Rumbleholster = regular bra with adjustable straps and hooks

finally, the info we’ve all been waiting for

Not excusing Andrew Hussie, but he made two posts on his twitter crediting the artist and made a news post about it. He apologized for not asking first, but that doesn't necessarily excuse the fact he did. He might've forgotten but he's a pretty organized guy so I'm not sure if that's likely.

well, this definitely turned out way better than I expected

He credited the artist. It's up on MSPA right now.

Meant to put this here sooner along with the updates, but still been tweaking some server stuff. Caliborn’s self insert guy is a nod to some classic fan art from 4 years ago, which to my memory was the first speculative drawing of LE before he was introduced. (Actually I guess two people made it? Didn’t know, but thanks to both of them for the inspiration.) Also definitely wanna point out I’m not making fun of that art, which I think is a good drawing. I do remember once upon a time thinking it was pretty funny to imagine LE as a cool anime guy though. So maybe that idea stuck with me all these years and led to the inspiration for this ridiculous arc? Who knows how inspiration really works. Anyway it’s all in good fun, and I still sometimes try to do the “reader input influencing story outcomes” in little ways like this to keep that part of MSPA alive, even long after the fanbase got too big to do it directly through commands. 

The whole thing is that calliborn is being shitty by stealing a design but it’s never mentionned or hinted at that the original design is supposed to be shitty if anything it’s suppose to mean that the original design is good and I really dont understand all the upset over it obviously he wasnt going to contact the artist, does he contact guy fieri before making a joke with him concerned? no and when he does something like this the whole point is that it’s an obscure reference that the fandom finds out on their own just like the existence of calliborn itself and that one “do you want to play a game” guy on the forum.

Also you say you want to promote discussion and yet you only publish or reblog things that have the same opinion as you while you reply privately to those who don’t

  1. restating this to you: caliborn is heavily implied to be an embodiment of everything bad about homestuck fans, evidenced by his ridiculous misogyny, rudeness, and… bad art, I guess? I don’t think caliborn recreating an old design of yours is a compliment— far from it edit: hmmmmmm
  2. a fan of your comic creating fan work of your comic is VASTLY different from a famous, public figure who has no clue who you are and will probably never even know that you joked about him
  3. I responded to you privately because this blog has a ton of followers and I didn’t want people attacking you for your opinion
Sorry I'm on mobile so it took me forever to find the link but here's the post in question roofshipping(.)tumblr(.)com/post/100326954957


oh! that’s actually ruka, the person who collaborated with nakki/nora on the drawing. nakki/nora is the one who raised concerns about not being asked about this/contacted hussie over twitter

btw, people saying, “just be glad something of yours was used in the comic”: you missed the whole damn point here buddy, also the design was used in probably the worst way possible