Same thing for Prince, didn’t find one that’s easy to use, so I edited.

Feel free to use.

Does Jade still use her memory strings?

nope. she abandoned them after her dreamself died in act 5.

Here you go. A prototyped kernelsprite template.

Here you go. A prototyped kernelsprite template.

I have this tutorial for the GT Witch and thought you would be interested!


Troll Horns are now available at What Pumpkin

Currently, only Aradia’s, Tavros’ and Karkat’s horns are available, but we’ll be releasing more in due time!

I just thought I'd let you all know that What Pumpkin is having another sale - on July 23rd, midnight to midnight EDT all individual consorts will be 25 dollars as opposed to the regular 35, and the 4-pack will be 95 instead of 120.

head’s up, guys!

An excessively long scarf for all your excessively long scarf needs.

here are all of the images used in [S] John: Reunite with your loving wife and daughter. 

are cherubs needed in a session of Sbrub?


trolls choose their name based off of the first sound their lusus makes, right ? or did i read that as a headcanon somewhere ? thanks !!

that’s just a headcanon!