hey, i have a couple of questions. first off, how often do you usually update the masterlist? do you add things that hve been submitted to you to the masterlist? and if you do, are the creators of the submissions credited for their work? thanks. :D
  1. we have not updated the masterlist in a long ass time
  2. yes we do
  3. yes of course, and we encourage you to please do the same


hey yall thoguth this might be helpful for making trickster ocs and stuff

also the artist asked to be credited so please credit them

Does Kanaya need to drink blood to survive?

someday we’ll stop getting this question

would the meteors have killed davesprite and jadesprite if jade hadnt gted and saved them?


I have been given the opportunity to redecorate my room, do you know of any wallpaper or furniture that is homestuck-themed that is available?

that is illegal

Question, how did gamzee decapitate the trolls? Was it mentioned in canon?

does it really and truly matter

they are headless, what more do you want

how does cronus know about humans enough to identify as humankin?

fuck cronus

i made an updated version of the tumut tumblr logo seen here that reflects a change in the official tumblr logo.

you can find it here.

A homestuck school uniform sprite edit by me,

A homestuck school uniform sprite edit by me,


What might the trolls call a hamster?

breakfast maybe